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About Us

About Us

In the mid 1970s Frost and Flame was one of the largest bike dealers in Southern Maine. As the stove, fireplace and fireplace insert business of Frost & Flame started to take off followed by the success of sister company Sebago Lake Pools, the the bike business unfortunately fell by the wayside. But that was until about a year ago when owner Steve Richard began researching a new bike phenomena -the electric bike (also known as the e-bike). Richard followed this amazing phenomena as it continued to grow in other parts of the country. As Richard himself puts it "What I saw was affordable adult fun riding through city streets as well as off road. I also saw that these electric bikes were for people on any level from young or old; for the active athlete or the semi couch potato or anyone in between and you only put in as much effort as you want to."

Richard's story continued

So in October 2017 after his extensive research, Richard realized that Mainers were now ready for the electric bike. It was in that month that he officially opened Electric Bikes of Maine, which has already grown to be one of the largest electric bike dealers in Southern Maine. Electric Bikes of Maine carries the product of two of the best known and most respected e-bikes lines - Haro Electric Bikes and Surface 604 Electric Bikes. These bikes are comparable to their high end competitors but at a much more affordable price.

In closing Richard says "Come in and test drive one. We guarantee you won't be disappointed."

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